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Libra, your indecisive nature means that you enjoy staying within your comfort zone and when it comes to style, you like to keep things simple and minimal. You're a force to be reckoned with, Scorpio so you need a dress that reflects your passionate and determined nature.


All black everything is your motto when it comes to style and you're more than partial to a bit of leather. This belted snakeskin dress will have you feeling your best and will certainly have your sassy side coming out to play.

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Sagittarius, you have a great energy! You're idealistic with a great sense of humour and your curious nature means you love to play with your look. Fun prints are your thing and this star print halterneck dress is right up your street. Dress it up with your favourite heels or keep it casual with some trainers and a leather jacket.

You're a traditional girl Capricorn and your style is no different!

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If you go for print you stick to the classics so houndstooth is a go-to for you, but update it and choose a pink tint instead of the standard black and white. You're hard to please but we know that you'll love this mini dress! A true original, your dream dress starts with a classic print and this tartan check ticks all your boxes.

You love having fun with your friends and loathe dull or boring situations, so this dress is perfect for your next BNO with the girls.

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You may be a little bit shy from time to time but the diamante detailing appeals to your eccentric side. You're ruled by water, Pisces, which means you're emotional, sensitive and you love romance which makes this heart print slip dress your perfect match.

A big music fan, wear this dress to your next gig, teamed with a pair of Western boots and a classic black biker. See you at the front!

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Aries, you're a natural leader so stand out from the crowd in this bright orange maxi. Confident and courageous, the star print reflects your optimistic personality but the loose fit satisfies your need to be comfortable at all times.

Don't forget, comfort doesn't mean compromising on style so give in to your impulsive side and snap this up! A true Earth sign, you're grounded, reliable and patient. You value practicality, but practical doesn't have to mean boring.

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Vérifiez votre date et mois de naissance pour lire votre astro loto. Vos numéros gagnants du loto sont inclus chaque mois. CANCER 22 Juin – 23 Juillet. Votre horoscope du mois Scorpion: retrouvez tous les signes astrologiques et les prévisions des astres pour ce mois de Juillet! Poster Revolution Astrology Chart Gemini Poster 13 x Zodiac Signs VirgoVirgo HoroscopeZodiac.

This puff sleeve midi is a dream for you as you can dress it up, dress it down and it's suitable for most occasions. It's all about the versatility! Your inconsistency and indecisiveness means you often get a bad rep, Gemini, but if everyone were to be consistent, the world would be a boring place!

You hate repetition and routine so this unconventional zip front dress is something we definitely see you in.

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