Vedic astrology planets and directions

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Is he compatible? How will the marriage be? Well, the questions are endless, bur fortunately with the help of astrology if not all, then definitely most of them can be answered and that too very accurately! In the direction of planet placed in 7th house 2.

In the direction of planet who see the 7th house 3. In the direction of 7th lord 4. In the direction of 7th lord from Venus.


Direction of The rashi or navmansha rashi of planet who sees the 7th house. In direction of rashi of 7th house 4. Direction of Navmansha rashi of 7th lord.

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Lets an example to understand the above points, given below is the Janam Kundali and Navmansh Kundali of a native:. As per the birth chart, Jupiter and Saturn are posited in 7th house. Therefore, the direction of Jupiter is North East and Saturn direction is west.

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DIRECTIONS: PLANETS Sun: East Moon: North-west. Mars: South Mercury: North Jupiter: North-east. Venus: South-East Saturn: West. Each planet represents some direction on earth. It is helpful to know the directions of planets in astrology to resolve the queries related to.

Rahu is aspecting the 7th house, so the direction of rahu is west south. Here Rahu and Saturn aspecting the 7th house, direction of Saturn is west. The Saturn who is aspecting the 7th is placed in Libra which shows the west direction again so we can conclude that the west direction is coming most of the time in both Janam Kundali as well as Navmansh kunadli. This native was married from west direction.

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Directions in Astrology: directions to pray with their ruling planets in astrology.

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Directions and Five elements Part-1

AstroSage Cloud Gold. Personalized Horoscope. Open in app. Notification Center. Directions play an important role in Vastu. Right knowledge of direction is very important to make a building structure according to vaastu. In the olden days people who needed to check the directions very minutely, used to see the shadow of sun. In the modern technical world the instrument called magnetic compass is used to check the directions.

In the total there are 10 directions but to check with compass only 8 directions are available. Compass has degrees in total with its radius.

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Every direction is allotted 45 degrees. For every direction, checking the level of degree is very important. In total there are ten directions four are main directions i. Read Post a comment.